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Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       January 19, 2015


As always with their music Bruce Hecksel and Julie Patchouli, Terra Guitarra,  have created a wonderful blend of upbeat, easy to listen to and delightfully uncomplicated pieces which lift the heart, warms the soul and brings a great sense of peace and freedom.

Their neuvo flamenco style translates the basis of this latest release created about the basic elements of life that of fire, warmth and light perfectly.

In Firelight, you are immediately transported to an evening about the fire, the joy the warmth gives and brings, the stories which are told on cold winters nights, or indeed wherever people gather about an open fire.

The music captivates, draws you into the heart, provides solace and enjoyment, encouraging relaxation and meditation by simply transferring the essence of a good fire and good company, into sound and vibration which reaches out to comfort and relax.

There is some diversity in the beat, the rhythm, the pulse which simply underlines the primal purpose of fire in our lives. Taken for granted more often than not, it can be majestic in its power, creating devastation at what may appear to be nothing more than a whim, but it is also the essence of life, as without the heat of the sun and the warmth of the fires we, as a race would not be present.

As with all their music it is inspired by the earth and the natural earth vibrations, coupled with meditation which once again has evolved into an album which will continue to resonate for a long, long time as it encompasses the basic elements of earth, wind and fire in all their many guises.