Distributor:        Booktopia/Amazon                 
Release Date:    2016  
Running Time:   46mins 27secs
Website:    http:/www.marconiunion.com 

 Ghost Stations 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       January 28, 2017


Once again the dark and mysterious men of Marconi Union have created an album that takes the electronic music genre to a level that is as unexpected as it is somehow or other, expected.

Drone mixed with scratch, pulsating rhythm added, louder and more varied in texture, deeper and richer in essence, all created from simple sounds placed together to blend and mix into an exotic emotion, specifically  relevant to other worldly images, emotions and presence. The fact the title of the introductory track is Sleeper is also significant and can be construed in whatever manner appeals. Is the person asleep, is the person of another time, place and space, placed in this environment as a ‘sleeper’, and therefore the music is open to interpretation.

But in a somewhat unusual occurrence, they have added in their words, ‘real playing to add to the feel’ with guest artists in Giorgio Li Calzi on trumpet and Andy Dobson on clarinet, introducing yet another element to the composition.

The music is perfection; measured and solemn on occasion, misty and dreamy on others, discordant and grating as well, but always underpinned with the hint of experimentation that pushes boundaries, setting out to challenge as well as to entertain.

Does Marconi Union have any specific musical direction? That would be a hard one to answer as each of their recent albums takes on the vibe of the moment, once again setting out to be perfection in sound, and surpassing constructed or contrived expectations. How best to describe their music other than seriously out there, is no easy task, because as always with this style of music, it is one that will either appeal or not, depending on the emotional space of the listener at the time. Designed to rasp or resonate, you will either love it or hate it.

Listening closely to Ghost Stations you have the definite impression of derelict spaces, places where time has moved on and the human element has long since dissipated, abandonment, and the eerie essence of ghost towns.

Alternatively, there is the feeling of travelling through space on a voyage into the great unknown, where every fibre, every emotion, every feeling is challenged, but allows a way forward into the unknown.