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Acoustic Christmas

For people who enjoy Christmas but simply do not buy into all the traditional glitter and bling, enjoy the beautiful carols but are looking for something a little festive and different, the absolutely beautiful album Acoustic Christmas from Camille Nelson is the perfect solution.

A selection of well-known carols from across the world have been chosen,  played on the acoustic guitar, with guest vocalists joining in on several of the pieces to add a touch of the angelic to the much loved compositions to charm, comfort and relax over the Christmas season.

Beginning with the traditional Come, All Ye Faithful the mood and ambience is established with this solo piece, which flows effortlessly into the much loved Joy To The world. Yahosh Bonner brings an exceptional beauty to the beautiful Little Drummer Boy, gracing the traditional melody with a modern, but comfortably laid back style.

An outstanding piece is the gorgeous Still, Still, Still, sung by Kimberley Knighton, Britney Holman and Cardin Mckinney accompanied by very gentle guitar, comes as close to perfection as one can get. Melodious and slightly more up-tempo is the More Holiness Give Me which is perhaps not as well-known, but once again delicately put together, featuring the voices of Kimberley Knighton and Britney Holman.

Upbeat and funky is the composition of Oh Holy Night – All Creatures of Our God and King a favourite of many and one that can be sung with great gusto, as it is with the powerful voice of Marj Desius, which then leads into the gentle, beautiful solo guitar version of Silent Night, a beloved carol of all.

Delightful, enjoyable and charming Acoustic Christmas is an album that can be enjoyed over time, not just on Christmas day or during the festive season.

Distributor Camille nelson
Released October 2020
Running Time 39:00mins
Artists Camille Nelson