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Consider the Moon & Stars

This album opens with the immortal sound of Houston getting ready to launch the American spacecraft, carrying astronaut John Glenn, into space. He was to become the first American to orbit the earth and the fifth person to be sent into pace. The year was 1962.

From this point on this album is one long, gloriously beautiful journey through space in, as the first track states, This Languid Motion.

A richness of sound enters with Consider the moon and stars, where the imagination can see through the windows of the craft, to the true, glorious, yet to be discovered elements of a sparkling new world; fresh, mysterious and somehow infinitely magical.

Avalon Nights introduces a different beat, with some serious work on the acoustic guitar, a dash of vocals and rather spacey element added with the careful use of the synth.

The tantalising title of the fourth track, A Dream in Tangerine can only lead to a sense of wonderment, as the rhythm changes to once again return to the space like modality, where the rhythms are slightly faster, almost impulsive and adventurous, reflective of what element only the composer knows and the listener can interpret.

Gentle and soft Beyond What I Know is the perfect vehicle to spend some little time in reflection of what may be out there in the deep darkness that surrounds the earth. It is perhaps a simplistically beautiful translation of what must flow through the minds of astronauts as they sit in contemplation of worlds unknown as they travel through space.

Sirius rounds out very nicely a true musical journey which will become a favourite on the playlist, as it is many things, all of which come skilfully together to relax and remind that the world is full of charm, beauty and mystique simply waiting to be enjoyed and discovered.

The next time you are outside in the night, far away from the lights of the city spend a moment to consider the moon and stars.


Distributor Heart Dance Records
Released January 2018
Running Time 41:10secs
Artists Ken Verheecke