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Echoes of Peace

Delicate notes drift slowly and enchantingly to form a whole in the first track of the new work from Ryan Judd, Echoes of Peace, creating the perfect introduction to a profoundly beautiful collection of ten tracks to sooth and simply to enjoy.

Music Therapist and musician Ryan Judd reaches out to people in distress thought the powerful medium of music, easing their journey through life or soothing the soul as it begins it journey home. Through his intimate work, he understands the deep distress felt at various time in life’s journey and has over the years created many delicate songs which envelop the emotions in pure love.

On this work he has collaborated with Tom Eaton to add a soft, gentle ambient background to the gentle plucking of the nylon stringed guitar, adding another level of gentle reflection to each one of the songs.

Both Ryan Judd and Tom Eaton are masters of their craft and when working together on this gentle and delicate album, have created a moment of absolute serenity in a madly busy world; songs that float, that drift, that wrap around the soul and say, be still a moment, relax, enjoy.

It really does not matter what the songs are called as the work simply drifts effortlessly from one piece to the next, a journey of healing and relaxing serenity that will reach out and find its way into many avenues of life with its simplicity, beauty and emotion.

Echoes of Peace is perfect for any form of meditation, relaxation or healing.

Distributor Ryan Judd Music
Released March 2023
Running Time 34min 18secs
Artists Ryan Judd