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Frozen Moments

After listening to an interview with Don Latarski, his creative flair is even more apparent and better understood, as so much of the ethos contained within the pieces of his new album Frozen Moments and previous album River, comes from his love of music, as well as experimentation with both guitars and sound.

Water guitars and wind guitars sound somewhat far fetched but are a definite reality, created by Latarski wondering just what sounds could be discovered with a little improvisation. His first release River, was filled with the sounds of the water guitar. His second captivating album Frozen Moments, takes this experimentation one step further.

But onto the various tracks that form an absolute treasure of an album made for pure enjoyment. Beginning with the second piece Shadow Crossing a great ‘finger picking’ piece, this contains a certain funky feel which is totally captivating.

River Speak pt 1, the third track and River Speak pt 2 the final piece, capture all the very things Latarski loves best; experimentation, a love of the outdoors, his beloved rivers and streams which provide so much fun, joy, experimentation, intertwined with the integral component of colour, peace and melody. Combined these two tracks are a major component of the work, both beautiful drifting and delightful.

Bimble is an intriguing piece that floats out of the ether, shifting and changing in shape and form, almost mesmeric but with a definite direction. Melodic and once again full of grace and peace, this is one piece, amongst the others, that is all to easy, at least for the duration of the song, to become lost within.

There are nine pieces that make up this more than enjoyable collection, all of which showcase the depth of Don Latarski’s love of and involvement with music and sound. Working with a range of baritone guitars, which of necessity demands a slightly slower tempo, in order to create the rich sounds and mellow cadence which form the many happy and pleasurable layers of Frozen Moments.

As Latarski says he has at least forty to fifty bits and pieces of recordings of melodies and sounds that have captured his attention waiting to be formed into musical threads, it is going to be very interesting to see just what he composes for his next body of work.


Distributor HeartDance records
Released October 2019
Running Time 1:03:18
Artists Don Latarski