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Once again Michelle Qureshi has produced a more than delicious album of peaceful, enjoyable guitar solo pieces to enchant and relax, possibly naming the album after the herb Sage, noted for its sweet and yet savory flavour, which could be likened to the subtleness of this series of compositions.

Skipping Stones is a lovely introduction, light, airy, yet  embracing one of the many  the simple joys of life, that of skipping stones; a pastime without any real purpose and yet on that holds incredibly relaxing elements, as skill is pitted against wind and water to see who wins the contest.

An intriguing piece, and the longest track on the album is Watercolours, which has an almost harp like quality to the sound throughout the song, which encourages a deep sense of peace as the beauty of the music unfolds.

When We Look Away is a very measured piece, structured, melodic, although almost discordant; a reflective piece and when followed by Take the Flowers demonstrates the savory and sweet of the album. Take the Flowers is a joyful, happy little tune with a catchy element to it that seems somehow to contain a very big smile.

Short, measured and utterly enchanting, Tender Side Of The Moon is a song which will encourage a moment in a day to simply be: nothing more, nothing less, just be…… Following on is the elegant Be With You, a song that that brings together very many connotations of love and tenderness.

Messengers has a haunting, almost abstract sound which is entirely different to the balance of the album; crisp, clear, with an interesting depth added throughout. Short, and without fanfare, the beautiful work is complete, finished!

Somewhat different to her previous works, Sage could be considered as Michelle Qureshi at play, sitting fingering her guitar to see what songs wish to emerge, to be born into melody, to enchant and captivate with their delicacy, composition and an inbuilt sense of lightness and joy.

Distributor CD Baby
Released July 2019
Running Time 23:09
Artists Michelle Qureshi