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Short Stories

Inspired by a collection of short pieces for solo guitar this delectable album Short Stories from Michelle Qureshi makes an impressive line-up of delicate notes woven into a story line which can be enjoyed at leisure.

Featuring the modern ‘finger picking’ style of work the ambient nature of the tracks is refreshing in that the singular pieces stand alone, pure, clean and filled with the emotion of the moment of creation.

To the Bone introduces the collection, beginning with a strong slightly discordant series of chords, delivering a strong, forthright, almost chunky melody which is short at 1:30 seconds, telling a brief but powerful story.

The very lovely piece “It didn’t have to go like this”, is a reflective combination of guitar that is relevant to anyone who has looked back with regret, at a time in their life where things have changed, not always in the manner expected.

As with work of this metre the track titles write the storyline, there to be interpreted by the listener as with Lower the Drawbridge a piece which has been worked with Villela guitar, a nylon stringed guitar pitched an octave lower to offer in deeper, richer, almost renaissance influenced tone.

One of the longer tracks is County Line Road where the slide guitar has been introduced to offer a rather lovely C&W style piece with something a little extra, a mellowness that is often missing from this genre of music.

A gentle farewell has been created in My Sweet Goodbye, a piece dedicated to Michelle’s father who passed away in 1990. In a desire to accept the loss and gentle the grieving she allowed her music to change the balance, change the emotion into a sweet goodbye. Beautiful.

Windflowers is what could be considered a pure finger picking C&W as immediately it brings to memory the vast fields and acres of harvest in this short and very catchy little piece. It also a offers a smile and a quick little toe tap!

Rounding out this interesting collection of seventeen Short Stories is With Wonder easily translated into a tribute to the absolute wonder of observing the beauty and life all around; being thankful for the love and abundance there to be enjoyed.

Short Stories is a journey into a relatively new aspect of New Age music which is delightful, refreshing and offers a very wide, blank manuscript within the music spectrum there to be explored.

Distributor CD Baby
Released August 2018
Artists Michelle Qureshi