Distributor:        Booktopia/Amazon                 
Release Date:    July 2018  
Running Time:   47:25 secs
Website:    http://ricksparksmusic.net 

 Half Moon Bay 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       October 8, 2018


Dreamy and refreshing this peaceful collection Half Moon Bay from the  piano of Rick Sparks is an absolute delight, inspired by his love of the ocean and the love and enjoyment of the peace, relaxation and beauty there to be found and enjoyed.

A lover of the Beach Boys music of the ‘60s and their brilliance at being able to capture the very essence of the beat, the vibe and the spiritual nature of the ocean, Sparks has used the legacy Brian Wilson created and his love of the ocean as inspiration.

The track Half Moon Bay composed by Brian Wilson is a slightly softer version of the original but has that unmistakable finger picking style of acoustic guitar added to the piano melody to tweak the memory. This tribute is shown throughout the album with the Lonely Sea a slow, moody rendition introduced with the sound of surf breaking and Summers Gone, an iconic Beach Boys tracks, offered with a gentle reverence to create an ethereal and introspective piece. Penned as Wilson looks back over the halcyon days of his life, accepting that summer and indeed gone and the days of peace and acceptance are a beautiful reward, Summers Gone was the last song on their final album recorded in 2012.

First Light is introduced as synthesiser song, solemn and peaceful, it has been written in tribute to the morning rays of the sun slowly climbing over the horizon to grace the ocean with it glorious colour just for that one, perfect moment in time.

The refreshing and often longed for fresh summer sea breeze on a day of intense heat, has been captured in Whisper in the Wind, an evocative piece with a lovely addition of flute and vocals. Sunset Dreams is as it is titled, a tribute to the slow and often spectacular drawing on of the day by the ocean regardless of the time of year.

Following on from his last release Nightfall In London this album has the same trademark magic created by Rick Sparks as he pays tribute the ocean and the peace and tranquillity that can be discovered there.

Once again an inspired and talented album.