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A Better Life – An Introduction to the Mindful Music Association

Mindfulness for some time passed has almost seemed to be the latest catch phrase to be used widely, occasionally practiced and in many ways, little understood for its healing ability and soothing benefits. Along with Mindfulness it is It is also well understood that music has the incredible ability to heal, relax and to transform.  When these two forces combine to be used in relaxation, healing and calming modalities to name a few the results are often impressive, therapeutic and always amazing.

When music and the musician who create delicate, healing music come together to promote the very essence of Mindfulness throughout their music and also in a genuine desire to keep their music alive, something wonderful is created.

The Mindful Music Association (MMA), a not-for-profit organisation formed in 2017, is available to musicians and the wider community to reach out to and into the healing world of Mindful Music, to promote the simple, elegant and healing abilities of music as well as the wide uses of music in the world in which we live.

As a two-disc album many musicians have offered their music to create this healing work: Gliding with the Current from Robert Linton begins the work, with Lynne Tredeau’s lovely Afternoon Reflection adding to the mellow ambiance of the first disc. Equanimity from Jennifer DeFrayne adds to the overall charm. Musician, and sound engineer Tom Eaton’s ambient In The Gleaming, a subtle electronic piece, completes the first disc.

When I Was Young from Neil Tatar introduces disc 2 which in the same style as the first disc, wanders through the field of ambient/new age music at a will.  Offering works from Meg Bowles Berceuse for a Star Child, spacey and ethereal in the presentation is Al Jewer’s delicious neo-classical Dream Time, with the final selection Meditation on a Moonlight Lake from pianist Karen Biehl drawing a sensually pleasing collection to a close.

A Better Life, a first release from MMA is a composite collection containing a little of everything, with a lot of magic woven throughout. Perfect for easy listening during the day, as well as a focus for Mindfulness as and when required, these 26 tracks form the basis for some extremely effective healing from world of music.

Distributor Mindful Music Association
Released January 2020
Artists Various