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A Celebration of Diz and Miles

As a celebration album of two of the better known Jazzmen of their times in Dizzie Gillespie and Miles Davis, Mike Longo and the boys have created a tribute to the art form of Jazz.

Recorded live at the John Birks Gillespie Auditorium, Longo gave West and Mosca a list of the pieces to be played for the duration of the concert just before they went on stage and ergo – three masters of their craft have delivered an album which is totally unique as it performed as improvisation.

Deep and introspective as only Jazz can be, especially when the musicians have been performing in one medium or another in the genre for decades, they have develop that subtle smoothness which rather than played, almost oozes with a deep rich texture that underlines the incredibly fine art of being able to follow the lead, in this case Longo on piano, wherever the music goes.

 As the album was recorded live the audience reaction has been included on the album which gives the listener the impression of being at the concert, joining in the pleasure of being able to follow the rhythm wherever it takes you.

Favourites such as Here tiz’, Freddy Freeloader and of course Summertime (my all-time favourite) have come to life once again under hands of craftsmen.

Settle into your favourite chair, dim down the lights, grab a good glass of red and sink into the art of improvisational jazz delivered by three experts in the craft beginning with All Blue and ending with A Night in Tunisia.