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A Coalescence of Dreams

In Timothy Wenzel’s latest album he combines many of his life philosophies blended with his dream state to create music which woos’ you gently into time and space which is without borders.

Rich and deep with gentle overtones the album is a bit like biting into that mouth-watering piece of chocolate cake discovering hidden flavours as the taste meets the texture within.

The melodies are haunting yet structured as in the dream state, tantalising and evocative and as subtle as that half formed thought or emotion.

 Many of the pieces have their origins in historic events or times and places, coupled with a symbiotic fusion of technology and mysticism which can also be considered the music form of what Wenzel considers important in life. A little dreaming, a little science and a contemplative understanding of mystic which goes to creating the melting pot of life are all interwoven throughout the album.

Relaxing, peaceful and as with many creative albums Coalescence of Dreams improves with the listening as each piece becomes a collection of textures and layers relative unto each composition, creating a unique listening sensation every time.