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A Piano Story

In a slightly different direction to his usual jazz style, Jim Pearce has created a wonderful album of music that encourages the listener to simply listen, enjoy and return to a time when many, many, movies came with wonderful music scapes, depicting a softly romantic overtone: a time when to go out meant to ‘dress to the nines’ as a night out was a very special event.

A Piano Story shows the full scope of Pearce’s creativity, as it is allowed to blossom and grow with the music coming under the lose category of ‘feel-good’, with many of the pieces taking on an influence from composers such as Richard Rodgers, Cole Porter, George Gershwin and the like, but with, in some instances, a slightly classical overtone.

Pearce’s passion for music from the 1940’s era has been threaded throughout this lovely series of what can be considered, and as described by Pearce, as ‘small soundtracks through life’ as reflected in The Old Neighbourhood, which is a catchy little tune featuring a lovely strings section, accenting the style of pizzicato, reminiscent of old movie introductions, which flows along nicely, then comes to an abrupt halt!

Beautiful Moment is a dreamy piece featuring woodwinds and strings, with a major element of piano threading together which is slow, stately and immensely enjoyable all the while allowing a picture to be created in the mind. A light romance, fitting for summer time, or any time for that matter, when the heart is light, has been created with Deep in your eyes, which is another attractive, enjoyable orchestral piece, filled with joy and sunshine which simply bounces along.

A charming little music picture arrives with Ecstatic Musing which is an interesting title, but one that describes the piece perfectly, as although it has a light melody it has a hidden depth which calls for a pause, a minute in time to spend musing.

Changing the pace to a lively beat is Clouds and Bicycles which is a rich and once again, catchy little tune, guaranteed to remind one of riding the bicycle ever faster to try and make it indoors before the clouds arrive, bringing with them the rain: fun, fast and a little ditzy, this pieces showcases the talents of the orchestral backing very nicely.

Each of the songs is reflective of the era of moody music, scene setting pieces, combined with gentle influences and pays tribute to time long gone, now only to be experienced through the medium of many of the classic movie scores of the 1940’s and ‘50’s, as in the piece Dark Moon Sets which is sombre and moody.

You Are My Sun and Moon, created in a tribute to Richard Rodgers encapsulates all of the greatness to be found in this style of music.  Slightly bluesy, it lets the imagination proceed to a jazz club or bar, the lights are low, the mood mellow and romantic, the dance slow, seductive and tender.

Gorgeous, rich, sensual and simply designed for enjoyment this is an album created with music that tells a story which will appeal time and time again.

DistributorCD Baby
Running Time38:00 mins
ArtistsJim Pearce