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A Trick of the Wind

Erik Scott’s musical background echoes with the ghosts of times past, beginning in the heady days of Woodstock and moving forward, playing with such greats as Alice Cooper, Flo & Eddy, and Sonia Dada, amongst the many.

Moving over to composing and playing music Scott feels tells a story, his latest release A Trick of the Wind, does exactly that; captures the many elements of the wind in all its gentle, majestic, destructive and stormy elements.

Wings introduces the work a lazy, relaxing piece featuring beautifully formed wordless vocals and an easy style of guitar, underpinned with a synergy of orchestral melodies, gentle and yet sharp percussion, organ and in a possible tribute to those days long gone, a splendid finale with electric sitar and an almost a gospel style of vocals.

Changing tempo is the deliciously mellow piece Ghosts of Storyville with Jeff Oster on flugelhorn adding a liquid, sensual jazz style base to the song, which has interestingly, a gospel style of velvet sound merging the different and intriguing style. Oster could be considered as the star element of this piece as in the timbre of the sound, he has captured to perfection the haunting elements of the wind on those nights when mystery lurks around every corner.

The title piece A Trick of the Wind perfectly captures the wind in one of its more ethereal, spacey moods; a mood where it entices, calls to the spirit to venture forth, to come hither and seek perhaps the dark side, perhaps not; a brilliantly constructed piece.

Solooka…. Heart Wind introduces yet another dimension to an album already filled with the unexpected with a country and western feel, a melody once again that is almost in the genre of a negro spiritual style created with wordless vocals, clever use of the guitar and selective additions of percussion.

Funk with a twang creates The Invisible Wand once again a dreamy, relaxing style of C&W interspersed with a New Age overtone to intrigue the senses and when followed by the more percussive piece Born Dreaming, reminds once again the wind is a truly rouge element of nature, twisting and winding it way across the plains, through hidden valley’s and often roaming over mountains, rives and deserts in its splendour.

The intriguing sound of electric pipe organ presents a sound reminiscent of the carousels of yesteryear on the final track A Child Remains, before it broadens out into a light, enjoyable, quirky song with lovely playful overtones; the shortest piece it presents a wonderful, refreshing conclusion to a work that is as intriguing as it is complex.

Distributor Eric Scott
Released August 2018
Running Time 39 mins
Artists Eric Scott