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After the Harvest

Originally released in 2002 After The Harvest has been reconsidered and re-released for 2017 with Kent Smith creating additional music to be added to increase the beauty of the song cycle, which is the basis of the original album.

Intrigued and fascinated by the age’s old 12th Century style of music such as liturgical music, madrigals and Gregorian chants where the voice is used as the instrument, he looked at how this style could be incorporated into the modern music genre and then began to build about the basis to create an unusual and beautiful celebration of life.

Built on the circle of life, the circle of plant, grow and harvest, he has used many of the old medieval tunes, along with a wide range of instruments, to create the ancient feel of relaxation after a harvest is complete, the satisfaction of sitting, enjoying and reaping the benefits of a year’s work.

As a guitarist he has moved from a career in jazz, to classical, folk, world and new age music, and although he was considered at the top of the blues and jazz genres, he decided there was infinitely more to be discovered, to be learned and undertook to study classical, jazz, composition, finger style and flamenco guitar slowly finding his way through the disciplines to New Age-fusion music.

His background, his curiosity, his love of unique sounds discovered, has allowed a wonderful vibrancy to be created which is both enjoyable, peaceful, and yet with a slightly catchy ambience.

Fourteen pieces make up the cycle, each one different, reflective, teasing the memory; some laced with tinge of a jazz beat, others pieces where you can simply visualise the people sitting, listening to the music, giving thanks for a time well spent. Aucon Vont is such a piece.

The (W)hole Above Me absolutely showcases his immense skill with the guitar as the work is pure, intricate and infinite; slow, delicate and unusual it is a piece that simply should be totally indulged to truly appreciate.

Do not for one minute think is a  traditional and old fashioned tribute to time long gone, it is not. It is a contemporary take on a traditional song cycle, which when listened to either collectively or as individual pieces, will present some intriguing, unusual takes and a redefinition of what could loosely be termed as ‘prog-rock’. The first track, The Fruits of Your Labor is indicative of what is to come and in essence, sets the benchmark for an unusual and refreshing style of a perfectly executed world style New Age music experience.

Distributor RS Promotions
Released November 2017
Artists Michael Kent Smith