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Every Goodbye introduces the beautiful music of harpist and composer Mylle Fournier in her first solo album Ailleurs, a delicate and reflective studio improv, reflecting back on life and the many goodbyes said as the time and years move along, leaving behind a gentle imprint, always to be remembered.

Falling in love with the harp at junior school it was many years later before Mylle Fournier was able to learn to play this ancient instrument. After formal study she went on to study further under the tutelage of renowned Montreal artist, Suzanne Berthiaume. A love of rock music filled the gap as Fournier learned to play guitar and electric bass, performing in a number of local bands.

Each of the pieces on this album have been composed from moments in time, moments that have created the fabric of Fournier’s’ life journey, now being woven into an almost continuous piece of music.

The many influences of her life are apparent in her five compositions, which contain a little of everything, from classical construction with a dash of panache, as in the introduction to the final track Tell It To The Wind, a sentiment each and every one can say they have done over their life time and a piece inspired by the stunning beauty of the West Coast of British Columbia.

But prior to this song is the more formal, classically constructed An Ocean, A Decade which has an almost Mediterranean influence to the piece tucked away in the lovely composition.

Prynhawn, Nos, Bore is a cheerful, joyful piece that bounces along, light, energetic and happy; cheerfully spreading a touch of contentment with the many layers of sound as it trips daintily along.

Delightful and with a slightly different emphasis is Penta, a robust and yet delicate piece, perhaps constructed in tribute to the resilience of the human spirit to be able accept and begin again in a new place; a place with fresh new challenges, with the still raw emotions of leaving loved ones and places behind.

Ailleurs, although not overly long, the 28 minutes of the album are perfect for those times when life needs to be overlayed with a delicate and gentle touch, a simple moment to return to Mindfulness and refreshed, move onward.


Distributor CD Baby
Released 2018
Running Time 27:32
Artists Mylle Fournier