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Aonki: Gateway of Love

Anaya was always destined to be an academic, a pathway that lead her to becoming a professor of Information Systems at the University of Brasilia, later earning a Post Doctorate degree in Leadership from the University of Syracuse. This a pathway led her to a deep understanding of self-management and self-leadership using personal energy, all of which is offered in this sensuously divine album Aonki: Gateway of Love.

In 1990 Anaya returned to her first love, that of music, becoming a classical singer and composing for guitar, an instrument she learned as a young child. In 1995 she studied keyboard, along with computer and sound technology. One thing she had always dreamed of was to play her instrument of choice alongside a classical orchestra, which in today’s world of technology, has become a reality.

Using the magic of technology Anaya composed, for the second time, a collection of pieces to be recorded through the world of virtual reality, by using a live symphony orchestra in Prague and in Philadelphia, which is very apparent in the first section of this work with Laman Song, introduced with a full bodied ‘film score sound track’ followed by the delightful Breath, full of magic and mystery which then mellows out in Gate and Over the Clouds which hints at things to come.

This wonderful collaboration allows a world of glorious sound to evolve that moves across the musical spectrum in so many ways, creating pieces that are rich in melody and depth, soaring, dipping and dancing through space, offering a beautiful, peaceful ambience.

The second section of the collection is a suite in two parts Aonki (Mov1) and Aonki (Mov II); an absolutely beautiful segment that defines the range of music classed as classical. The pleasing nature of the Mov I to establish the vibration for Mov II, showcasing the sophisticated weeping of violins capturing a timelessness which is perfection.

The completing phase of the songs moves into the final three pieces which compliment one another with Extase II offering a 6:35sec piece of pure synthesiser in classical mode, followed by Just For You another orchestral piece with the element of highs and lows adding shades of dark and light to the melody.

Drawing this intriguing series of compositions to a fitting close is A Path to the Infinite, a song which once again showcases the many influences of the previous pieces, when a collaboration occurs between classical and traditional metre, enhanced with the modern abilities of the synthesiser and the unlimited scope of cyberspace, to bind live orchestra to the ambience of world fusion music at an elite level.

Distributor CD Baby
Released 2018
Artists Anaya