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Bach Side of the Moon

Bach Side of the Moon from Piers Adams and Larry Lush could be considered as the very epitome of what is developing as an almost standalone genre within the New Age /Orphan music framework, that of crossover/or chill-out music.

Many more artists are discovering the wonderful meshing of centuries old music with modern technological influences to create something that is absolutely unique and unable to be reimaged, a sound that in many ways, happily rubs shoulders with modern contemporary sound.

Piers Adams fell in love the wonderfully baroque instrument, the Recorder as a teen, discovering an instrument that both captivated and intrigued for its wonderful ability to image the human voice and an instrument which back in its hey-day, the 18th century, was regarded as a wonderful tool for musical expression.

The masters of baroque music, certainly understood the power and ability of this remarkable and much misunderstood instrument in modern day terms, composing music that was spiritual, music to remind of people of their divine origins.

This music has transcended time and many other musical influences to be rediscovered, almost reborn into the modern world, once again offering healing, spiritual uplifting, peace and harmony.

Larry Lush is a man of modern music, a man inspired by electronica and innovation discovered within the underground music scene of the 1990’s, when electronic and heavy metal were the sounds of the future. He has gone on to become a Mixmaster and co-producer within the film and the music industry.

Selecting 13 pieces from the baroque era composed by JS back, Antonio Vivaldi, Georg Fredrich Handel, Tomasso Albinoni, Guiseppe Sammartini, Fredrick Gluck and Henry Purcell, all composers known for their timeless works, Back Side of the Moon takes these works and weaves a fresh, new magic within the compositions.

Holding the beautiful, sacred melodies the recorder almost sings the songs; then add the electronic, spacey, dreamy soundscapes that are such a component to New Age classical music, skilfully woven throughout each of the pieces, to create music which has wide audience appeal, delivering music that would otherwise have remained captive of the baroque/classical genre.

Adams and Lush are masters of their craft: their fortuitous musical union has indeed delivered an album full of relaxation, healing, meditation and sublime peace, which also helps usher in a completely new era of musical resonance.

I wonder what the old gentlemen would have thought of the modern treatment for their beloved music. Listen carefully, you can hear them applauding.

Distributor CD Baby
Released September 2019
Running Time 56:50
Artists Piers Adams and Larry Lush