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Bliss of Being

Stand back and take plunge into some truly liberating, spiritual liberation that is, music when you take a listen what is basically Richard Schulman and friends enjoying themselves creating something rather special in the medium of healing through the gift of music.

This eclectic collection of  musicians in vocals, crystal bowl, cellist, flautist and pianist have moved past their perceived limitations stepping into a world that has no boundaries, letting the music absorb and travel where it will

Although the album did not start out as a series of improvisations, eight of the tracks became just that adding a difference to the essence of the pieces, which while subtle, is also very powerful.

For the more structured amongst us there are pieces in the collection that have retained their original intent but have also been delivered straight from the heart.

Shulmans intent was to create an album of music to help people relax and heal but along the way discovered that through the process of creation he was receiving as much if not more in the way of release and gratitude, peace and healing.

This has come through in the final product which, while not only delightful to listen to, does exactly what it sets out to do, encourages  you to open up to a process of inner healing, acceptance and release.

PublisherThe Pure Heart Ensemble