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Chicago Chill 1

Chill; It’s that style of music that is there but not there, reminiscent of airport lounges, corporate offices, many an advertisement or the background music for TV shows. For more than 17 years Jewer and Mitran created such music, building up a huge library for a wide range of uses, until they decided the music was so good, it deserved to be released to the public.

Joining forces with Bob Lizik they created the first of two albums to date in the Chicago Chill series, of which Chicago Chill 1 was released in May 2017, bringing this relaxing sound once again to the listening public, simply for enjoyment sake.

This work is reminiscent of the 1970’s and ‘80’s when this was a new, refreshing style of music, created with the use of synthesizer which added unusual qualities to the sound, but overall it is simply a delightfully slick and almost sophisticated collection of innovative creations designed for relaxing and nothing more, nice, easy and comfortable, like a pair of favourite slippers.

While it is largely created ‘synthetically’, there are differencing timbres in the pieces with some carrying a smooth, almost silky sound, others a chunkier beat and others simply teasing around the edges of the mind with a subtle elegance of style.

Take a listen to this almost ‘retro’ style brought forward into world of fast beats, driving rhythms and electronic noise, and be surprisingly entertained, relaxed and pleased, as the sound is gentle on your ears, easy on your mind, and incredibly relaxing for an afternoon in with a good friend or a glass of red and book.

DistributorCD Baby
ReleasedMay 2017
ArtistsAndy Mitran & Al Jewer with Bob Lizak