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Convergence I

As with all his work Kevin Kastning strips music back to the most minimalist format, creating music that is or could be considered as purist. Sitting somewhere between high Classical and a purist form of Jazz his latest work, with Sandor Szabo and Carl Clements Convergence I, resets the levels of, or rather establishes a fresh style of music, that of Ambient Classical Jazz, for want of a better description.

While this may seem a somewhat whimsical summation of the music create by Kastning, Szabo and Clements, all masters of their genre, the first track Splintered Gaze Remaining, is indicative of this concept, as during the unfolding of the work, the obvious classical conations are there to be captured with ease, but also create a slightly discordant melody which acts as the prefect introduction to this fascinatingly beautiful album.

Shadows Starlite Creep creates a haunting, ethereal vibration with the flute acting almost as a drone, underpinning the clear, insular notes of the guitars carefully threaded throughout the ambient base melody. Unusual as to be expected, but almost vulnerable as this combination of flute, classical and electric guitar is a fresh new landscape for Kastning.

Up tempo and totally fascinating is Walking Ice Within which in so many ways displays the immense skill of the musicians as they create what seems to be something of a jam session, but is an incredibly skillful walk on the wild side of Jazz. This track has a vibrancy claimed as its own.

Convergence I began as an idea back in 2015 when Sandor Szabo was in America to record with Kastning. Clements was invited to work with the duo as each of the men were familiar with the others style and standards of excellence. Both Szabo and Clements had worked with Kastning over many years. As a trio, this was to be a new venture and one which has given a wonderful freshness to the music, moving away from but still retaining Kastnings’ signature style.

Drawing this elegant, dainty work to a close is the hauntingly beautiful Lost By Spells which as the title suggests, weaves an alchemy that is stylish, gentle and graceful, making this the perfect choice to conclude a unique collection of work.

Distributor Greydisc
Released June 2020
Artists Kevin Kastnings: Carl Clements: Sandor Szabo.