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Daydream Alley

Gentle and soft, this fourth album from Holland Phillips takes you to the world of daydreams with an almost subtle touch.

Imagine if you will, a peaceful place where you feel you can relax and in doing so, allow the mind to float, to garner and to waft across the barriers to a place where anything goes, anything can be created, anything can be possible.

With his wide ranging knowledge of instruments, and his deep love of the synthesiser Phillips has once again created that special something which will find you returning time and time again to his music to encourage you to that place in time where you can simply be.

Uncomplicated, but interesting the music uses a range of differing styles in prog-rock, jazz, neo-classical and of course classical, with the use of bassoons, french horns and harpsicord keyboards over varying pieces. The overtones of the synthesizer are always there in the elements that go into the mix of the various tracks.

Based around the theory created in daydreams that anything and everything is possible, the music has a broad based appeal and, although could be placed in the ‘new-age’ category, there are many elements to the composition which will take you in unexpected directions, just as life so very often does.

Peaceful and enjoyable, let the music take you where it will. Enjoy the journey, the change of direction and tempo’s, but most importantly simply enjoy the music for what it is and what it will definately give back to you in the way of beauty and harmony.


PublisherAgeless Records