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Delicate Harmony

Twenty-six minutes of absolute bliss are to be enjoyed with this delicate and very beautiful collection Delicate Harmony from Serbian guitarist Igor Lisul. A man, his guitar and the perfect moment to simply sit, to capture perfection.

Inspired begins the enchantment with a beguiling piece that is pure, simple with each note forming, waiting gently to be captured on dainty wings to be carried into the ether of life.

Birth of a New Day has a slightly ‘olde worlde’ feeling which has been captured by the higher finer, notes that are almost bright and shiny, heralding in a fresh morning filled with the bright sunlight and anticipation of what the day ahead may hold.

Romantic and almost genteel, the simple notes of Dance with Snowflakes bring with it memories of fun in the snow, the awe of watching perfectly formed flakes drift soundlessly towards earth to cover all they come to gently rest upon, in pristine shades of white.

Full of happiness and warmth A Gift for You is full of life and enjoyment which simply flows gently into shape, once again an enchanting piece that encourages a feeling of daydreaming and pure pleasure.

The Song of a Sad Fairy is whimsical piece capturing that moment of sorrow, sadness and reflection which charms with an almost medieval ambience threaded throughout the unadorned notes.

Delight and a wonderful sense of relaxation forms the final piece, Wings, on this gorgeous album of enchantment as you once again return gently from a blissful time of soothing daydreams wrapped in a Delicate Harmony.

 Lisul believes in creating from the heart, using all the many elements of love, beauty, friendship, and nature, basically anything that creates a feeling.  In Delicate Dreaming he has captured all of this within the delicate web of the music, each piece flowing effortlessly into the next with consummate ease.  He considers he is an Art musician; crafting imaginative and emotive pieces. One would have to agree.

Distributor Bandcamp
Released 2023
Running Time 26mins 6secs
Artists Igor Lisul