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If you are having one of those days when you need a pick-up and change of pace this album is just the thing to lift the spirits and put that little bit of mo back in your mojo.

Created in the nuevo-flamenco style of guitar each track, commencing with the irresistible foot tapping, hip swaying Janvier flowing on tothe Swan, which changes the pace slightly, then moving on through a eclectic array of beats and rhythms as differing stories are told, you find yourself looking at the day somewhat differently, particularly when you get to the end of the album.  You find, magically, your spirit refreshed and your outlook considerably brighter.

Created from a journey of discovery, inspired by mythology and the mystic, all influenced by the love of rivers and flowing water the blend of up-tempo, mellow moods interspersed with  sparkling flowing  beats allows this compilation to take on a life of its own, while  allowing you to discover what you choose or need from each piece.

Although much of the inspiration behind the music comes from earth rhythms it also allows the rhythms of life to be woven throughout the album linking each piece and telling a story of journeying, discovery and history as in the track Anastasia which was inspired by the novel Anastasia.

In the words of Julie Patchouli, the symbolism of the title Dragonfly comes from the lifestyle of Terra Guitarra,  – Julie Patchouli and Bruce Hecksel – as they flit from place to place. The Dragonfly is also a magical creature that appeals to everyone in a joyful way, as does their music.