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El Dorado

The boys form Luna Blanca are back again with their fifth album and in their very definite style have delivered the good once again with a punchy, fun based rhythm which makes the toe tap and heart smile: all in the first track, Los Ojos.

This sets the pace for the rest of the album which carries the very grandiose title of El Dorado – the famed City of Lost Gold – a fitting title for the complex mix known as the nouveau- flamenco style.

Los Ojos commences a journey through South America, obviously looking for the Lost Gold, encompassing the many joys, trials and desperados encountered on the way.

Crossing rivers, people well met along the way, good and bad, (Desperado’s), taking their ease at the end of the day,(Summer Breeze) searching, ever searching, to discover whether the fable is a fable or there really is a stash of gold hidden somewhere in the land, is all told without a word spoken but the journey complete. Of course all with a dash of the Latin American rhythm built in.

Enjoyable, fun, different as only Luna Blanc can do with the meld of several different styles, the addition of Honky Tonk piano (good to see this one on the comeback), and blues harp – definitely inspiring.

Once again, a fantastic, fun filled album delivered by the masters of nouveau- flamenco in their own, very definite, extremely flamboyant style.

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