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Eleven Drops

Each note on this offering from Paz del Castillo is played in tribute to the many emotions which colour her life –that of love: Love of nature, love of the elements and love of one another.

If symbolism can be a key which opens a door to connectivity she has managed to achieve this by using an original painting by artist Michael Huygen on the cover of the album to symbolise the beat, the pulse, the drop, which ultimately becomes a universal language understood by all – that of music.

This is just the beginning of what is to come on the album, that of delicacy, of delight, of a deep and full understanding, not only of the piano, but the emotion created as del Castillo taps into her memories of beaches, people, forests and places.

Taking the listener on a journey of pure sound that brings with it a deep sense of peace, del Castillo has given us the sounds of nature, intertwined with love to create a paradise within.

Beautiful listening at any time but perhaps first thing in the morning to commence the day or last thing at night to encourage a deep sense of calm and restfulness, or even the middle watch of the day simply to make all well with your world! As said, beautiful at any time…  

Bio:    Paz del Castillo, has become one of the most important solo pianists in Spain during the past decade, titling her latest album Eleven Drops for two reasons — each of the eleven original compositions represents a small drop or part of her personality with the water imagery symbolizing her love of nature.

“Nature is one of my main inspirations. I enjoy and delight in all of nature, especially what is around me — the sea, the river, the mountains, the little roads. It is a paradise in which I live”.

“If you choose to be a musician, you have the responsibility to study music as a complex and complete art, to prepare and work hard, and to make music the best you can for others to enjoy.”