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Pure sound washes over you with the opening bars of this wonderful new release by the talented Kerani, with her latest work created in homage to feminine energy: to the women of history who have made a difference; to the women who are such an integral component of everyday life.

Delicate and yet strong, each of the pieces creates the essential energy which is woman, that of depth, courage, passion and love.  She has once again used her undoubted talent with keyboard and synthesiser, combined with orchestral arrangements, to create magnificence in sound.

Deep and rich each piece reaches out to refresh and sooth, to encourage the flow of energy so richly abounding with love and ‘unconditional oneness’.

Drawing her inspiration from such as Quan Yin, Boudicca, Hildegarde and Hypatia, to name a few of the women who have shown courage and strength to follow their pathways through life into death, Kerani demonstrates her amazing talent to be able to combine historic, haunting nuances with modern instrumentation creating a classical, yet uniquely refreshing modern sound which has wide appeal.

In the ‘Wyse Wytch’, Kerani uses her vocal recitation of herbal names in Latin to remind us that not so long ago women who were healers were put to death for practicing their art. It also adds another dimension to the music as it pays homage to all those who suffered in the horrific witch-hunts between 1450 and 1750.

As you listen allow the music to take you into a refreshing place, a place of reflection, meditation and peace. A place where you can renew your energy whether you are male or female, a place where you a can regain the balance, the equilibrium, which is so very essential to enjoying and living life to the very fullest.