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The pure tones of Cecile in her debut album, Fearless, are a true delight as she  sings about life, living and love, with a firm belief that letting go of whatever is holding you back, is the way forward. Tango the first track is about loving but never being able to move, walk, waltz to the same beat in life and being able to let go, to move on to a new beginning, lessons learnt, facing the fear and yet looking to the future.

Her music is gentle, welcoming and above all else totally enjoyable. Her life experiences as a musician, singer and medical professional have allowed a depth of feeling to be absorbed into each of the tracks penned from personal feeling as and experience.

Several of the songs were penned when Cecilie lived in the north of Norway, a beautiful part of the world, a place where she was made to feel welcome, leading to the gentle piece Home, written in tribute to the wonderful people she met that made settling into a new environment a warm and positive experience. The dark northern winters, laced with the majesty of the northern lights inspired Winter Night.

Heartache, something we can all relate to, inspired the reflective piece My Heart Has Loved were she looks for solace and also the chance or possibility of sometime in the future a new love. On the other side of heartache is the bliss and happiness that comes from a new love, the magic of being so in love that all you need, require,  long for, is to be able to Run Away, to be together in that special coming together.

A lovely, lively up tempo piece with a Celtic flavour is The Spell, once again reflecting on love and the magic of being enthralled, as if addicted, is a most enjoyable, salutary little piece.

The final piece and the title track Fearless is rich in memory, underpinning her philosophy of ‘being true to yourself and not letting fear hold you back; it is about learning to listen to the world about you until you own personal direction is discovered’. (sic)

Each of the pieces is enjoyable as a stand-alone song and when collectively presented creates a wonderfully rich album which could certainly be considered as ‘soul food’.

“You will always remember that life can’t surrender to darkness. Be fearless…….fearless”

Distributor Cecile Foss
Released April 2018
Running Time 43:14 secs
Artists Cecilie