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Giving Voice

On Giving Voice you can and maybe should get very technical with the style and rhythm of each piece but in many ways, by doing this you will miss the essence of each and every note, which combined as a whole, creates music in a form that is seldom heard in today’s very busy world: a world where the essence of music seems to be anything but isolationist and pure.

Osborn has been largely out of the music scene for more than 20 years following damage to his fingers. With this album of return he gives new life to an older, more purist style of “picking” with the raga style – heavily influenced by the moods and rhythms of India, obviously the “soul place” of Osborn.

Beautiful and hitting straight to the heart this is purist in its truest form. Each note and the telling note spaces in between combine to create divine peace, notably so in the first track Into the Silent Land.

As you move on through the album the tempo changes increase the involvement but the singular feel is still very present within the music.

Ending on a more melancholic note Hard Times is simply a reminder that all is not always what it may seem.

As with all music you will find what you want within each track: everyone finds something different. With this album you find, perhaps, a window into another place within – that quiet listening place called peace.

PublisherFree Range Raga Records