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Havana Sun

Canadian flautist Ron Korb has been joined by Cuban pianist Hilario Duran to create a catchy, up-beat Jazz Fusion sound in Havana Sun, as only can be created when two musicians who delight in creating fun within in their music

Award winning Korb is in his element with this very much relaxed and enjoyable piece. Duran is noted for his flamboyant keyboard style taste and flair. Together these two entertainers have created a vibrant, pulsating piece which has, after only a few weeks, made it into the Grammy Ballot for “Best Global Music Performance.”

Fast, catchy piano comes together with the breathy sound of flute before it blossoms out into a robust, dance beat that tantalises, makes the feet tap and the soul dance with joy.

Take four minutes out of time to have little fun, lift the spirits and emerge feeling terrific

Distributor Ron Korb
Released 2023
Running Time 4mins 40secs
Artists Ron Korb with Hilario Duran