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Heroines in Harmony

Edgy, challenging and incredibly powerful music pours out in a serious, ‘take note’ introduction to this latest and emotionally testing album, Heroines in Harmony from cellist Margaret Maria, as she takes a stance through the medium of music, to encourage and applauded the many women who, in todays world and times long gone, have and do ‘live their truth’.

With such a powerful introduction in Stand Tall to what can or could be very easily considered as suite for ‘cello, this sixteen-track collection makes a powerful, modern statement on women’s rights and truth.

Not being familiar with the many women who have been the inspiration for the album, the perspective is very different. As this is and has been an introduction to a new artist, the work has been enjoyed from a completely different perspective, underlining the very essence of music – it has broad appeal, does not need to come with accompanying notes, for the pieces to relate to the emotion and imagination of the listener.

A very ethereal, almost haunting track follows the powerful introduction in Lady of the Moon, a piece which captures the eeriness that surrounds the moon on a cloudy night, dark and mysterious, shadows and mystery hiding and hidden everywhere, with the same tone continuing on into In Full Flight.

Dream Painting is a piece with a complete change of emotion, as Margaret Maria is joined by flautist Ron Korb, to create a soothing, gentle melody to settle the emotions, which up to this piece have been almost overwhelmed. A glorious, enchantingly rich song.

The Furies, followed by Angel Street, Her Storm and The World Weeps see the ‘cello put through its paces, with a bow wielded by Margaret Maria in mastery of not just the music, but the instrument; a skill which has the ‘cello visiting and exploring places perhaps it was never meant to go, showcasing the incredible scope of what is frequently seen as a classical instrument.

On To What End, a piece composed Ron Korb, the work showcases the immense talent of these two performers as ‘cello and flute appear to be dancing around each other, to create a piece that once again, showcases classical instruments doing what they do best, create remarkable music.

A lovely ‘Olde Worlde’ touch is added in Ravens Lament, a short, slightly lighter song, delicate and yet containing the essence of that ‘look’ given by a Raven as he sums up the situation, in that been there, seen that, worldly manner. When followed by A Magical Touch and then Tiny Wings these three pieces capture perfectly, the very special otherworld of tiny faeries and their mystical goings on.

Our Beautiful World concludes an enchanting, intriguing, musical journey that leaves one far richer for the experience and in essence and emotion, pulls together the very embodiment that is woman; strong, resilient, knowledgeable, creative, nurturing, mysterious, spiritual and loving.

With this majestic collection Margaret Maria moves fluidly across many genres, with her stellar classical background melding the pieces together. The work is seamless, with an amazing harmony running throughout the pieces, ranging across New Age, Grunge, Steampunk and Classical frameworks created from her own unique perspective on life.

Absolutely fantastic!


Distributor CD Baby
Released March 2018
Running Time 1:09:18
Artists Margaret Maria