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Illumination of the Heart

Clear, perfect notes of the flute put you on notice that once again, Deuter has created some blissful, intriguing and transformative music. The introduction is mellow, peaceful, yet slightly up-beat and is an enticing combination of the six musical elements he has selected to create this latest work.

But as you move further into the music the tempo changes to the haunting, ethereal and mysteriousness of the cloisters. The underlying mystic of the chant, the meditation of the prayers as the monks moved into their devotions, whether intended or otherwise has woven itself through out.

As always with his music it is as unexpected as it is unusual which could be to do with his manner of writing and creating. As his studio is in the forest, surrounded by nature, this does allow, or encourage a strong influence from the energies which surround and are an integral component of his sanctuary, his life, his music.

‘Tonglen’ is as ethereal and it is beautiful, working with keyboards and voice, the strong sense of spiritualism comes across to reach and touch the soul. Pure tone encourages you to simply close your eyes and drift into the cloistered world of the monks as they go about their devotions. Followed on by Coucher De Lune this simply adds to the enchantment. As a piece to encourage meditation this is simply sublime.

Once again the flute is introduced to change the tempo, to bring you back into the moment, to move into another place, space and time; perhaps the Andes, perhaps Asia, perhaps a place that is your mind. But then the guitar comes in gently, adding that, almost medieval tone which takes you once again back into a place and time of great holiness.

Deuter considers his music has basically two elements; one of constant dance on the edge of silence and the other,  being or trying to create balance in life in contrast to the speed at which we all live.

‘Illumination of the Heart’ has certainly managed to achieve both these components perfectly, as it leads you gently towards a place which has the element of silence as a beginning and an end, but in the middle there is the balance, the meditation, the peacefulness required to rest the spirit and refresh the soul.

As with all his music, immerse yourself and emerge refreshed.

PublisherNew Earth Records