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inhale slowly

When White and Paulino set out to enhance, or if you like develop further, a set of music they created to aid spoken word meditation they took the basics and created the amazing. In inhale slowly, they created a collection of tracks which blend seamlessly into one another to give a deep, rich sound which reaches the soul.

Specifically constructed to aid relaxation and meditation the offshoot has been a resonance within the listener to encourage healing in all its many aspects. Each track has evolved in homage to a person, place or feeling which is subtly stated with the use of bamboo flute as the main instrument.

Clear, yet delicate sounds are enhanced to richness by the use of sitar, guitar, esraj, piano, synthesiser and percussion, a somewhat eclectic mix of instruments, to meld into a restful ambience.

Although there are five long tracks on the album they drift seamlessly into one another to, in the words of White and Paulino, “help the listener set aside stress and connect to a sense of inner peace”. Beautiful, peaceful and healing.

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