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When a significant birthday looms no matter the age, it signifies the ending of much and the beginning of so much more. As the year number increases the joy of life becomes very significant with the world considered through very different lenses.

What to gift to the birthday celebrant is also something that takes much thought and consideration. When the gift giver is composer, pianist and percussionist Louis Anthony deLise, the gift, in this instance was a beautiful, delicate, intricate song styled in a Jazz Fusion blend titled Iridescence, for his long-time friend and oboist Nancy Rumbel.

Rumbel a strong supporter of the Oboe being used across many genres, through her performances with the Richard Russell Quartet and the Paul Winter Consort, known for their ‘ecological’ jazz, was invited to play on the recording of the song which adds to the lovely backstory of the piece.

The title Iridescence is intriguing as it creates images in the mind of the delicate, shimmering wings of the dragonfly, the multitude of colours to be discovered on the butterflies delicate and yet strong wings, the many hues of the rainbow forming through the gentle mists, the shades and colours of life as it ebbs and flows, which are reflected in the various layers of the song.

Opening with the light, sharp notes of the piano, the distinctive voice of Rumbel’s oboe joins in, soaring over the background melody created by a blend of piano, mixed with light percussion presented in an intricate and creative groove. Floating and gossamer like in emotion, but with a distinctive voice, the elegance of the piece makes it an interesting and most enjoyable addition to the Jazz Fusion range of music.

As Iridescence is the first in a series of singles to be released throughout the later part of 2023 and then worked into an album, it sets a very high and exciting standard for what is to come in the months ahead.

Distributor Spotify
Released August 2023
Running Time 4mins 27secs
Artists Louis Anthony deLise featuring Nancy Rumbel.