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Keys of Light

Each of the pieces on this latest album from Dan Chadburn have been written in tribute of, or respect for some of the many people who have touched and inspired him on his life journey, from his professor and mentor Dr Calvin Knapp to right through to his long-time companion and best friend his dog, Kya.

Delicate and in some instances almost thoughtful, introspective, with an overlying reverence each of the original tracks has been deliberately written in a different key to delineate, or symbolize the many and differing opportunities given or offered on our life journey.  Chadburn’s firm belief that every person we met has something to offer, to give, to share and by doing so makes life richer for that moment in time when like souls meet and share their gifts, is instrumental in the compositions.

His classical training is very noticeable in this work as the pieces have the rich mellowness and depth required to be able to transmit the feelings that go into making each composition unique to the person it was written for or about; to be able to bring forth the essence, the spirit, the inspiration of each person.

Opening with a piano solo in ‘Tacoma Morning’ and ending with his rendition of ‘Colour My World’, written by James Pankow, there is a little of something for everyone to enjoy as you drift effortlessly through the various pieces, changing moods to suit and discovering the gentle relaxation which is as always, an intricate component of any of Chadburn’s works.

Inspired by friendship, created in tribute as well as in an effort to encourage music to bring light and hope into the world we live in, the notes reach out and touch almost in benediction and definitely in hope, to help light the way of life’s ever changing, ever challenging pathway.

PublisherDan Chadburn