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Kyle Pederson 12.25

 Pederson has delivered a refreshing and interesting touch to the traditional Christmas collection of hymns known and loved by many in this his second album of “church classical” hymns.

Bringing a classical touch combined with the more alfresco elements, even a little impromptu jazz can be discovered, which comes from recording in a church, rain falling in a torrential deluge during recording and a sometimes quirky beat being applied, this is an album which will and should be enjoyed by all, even the traditionalists.

Taking each track, some better known than others and treating each piece as if it is a completely new work, Pederson has added that little soupçon or in some cases a lot of soupcon to take the listener to some other place emotionally and to be able to really re-listen if you like, to the more meaningful levels contained within the traditional.

Peaceful, relaxing and enjoyable yet with a dash and flair that make the album enjoyable Pederson has succeeded in his aim to “want the listeners to hear the music differently than ever before”.