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Leaning Toward Home

Over the past years Holland Philips has released seven albums, Leaning Towards Home being the seventh in the series of relaxing, dreamlike music, many of the pieces being tuned into a vibration that is known to have the ability to settle the mind and enhance relaxation.

This is no exception, commencing with the gentle dreamy Prelude to a Dance, a piece carefully constructed to enhance the elegance of the piano and the synth in a discrete dance somewhere between happy and sad.

Roadside Brew immediately brings to mind breaking a long journey with a refreshing drink brewed up on the side of the road, or in one of the many truck-stops along the way; the combination of instruments used offers a glimpse of wide-open spaces, a touch of the unknown, a country flavour.

Clipping along is Moving Forward in a far quicker rhythm, the change of pace created on digital piano, with a few quirky little side additions evolving with the very clever use of synth, rounding out a delightful piece.

The signature track Leaning Towards Home is an emotional piece enhanced by the dulcet tones of flute, blending with piano to offer perhaps one of the most relaxing and enchanting pieces on the album. Full Circle follows with a full rich orchestral sound, which is fitting as it offers a completion from leaving to returning and all the places in between on life’s journey.

The penultimate song Along the Way is a reflective, intriguing composition which after several listens offers many layers to enjoy, offering time spent to reflect, to listen and to learn.

Bedtime Stories aptly concludes this dreamy, enjoyable album with the vision of being tucked safely up in bed, warm and comfortable, settling to enjoy the peaceful slumbers enhanced by the gentle melodies of Leaning Towards Home.

Holland Phillips has crafted an album which will appeal on many levels to a wide audience, and one that will offer relaxation, refreshment for the soul and peace for the troubled min; an album which will be enjoyed over and over again.

Distributor CD Baby
Released August 2018
Running Time 44:09secs
Artists Holland Phillips