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Love Bomb

A reality check came for Oswalt when he fell from his trusty bicycle for the second time; same place, same damage, same operation but differing in that this time he decided someone was trying to tell him something and he had better listen.

Once recovered and in recovery he faced up to his piano keyboard and came up with a seriously good reason to travel (recuperation) and find fresh fields to hone his musical talent and creativity.

From his journey to many and varied places he has come up with Love Bomb– a tribute in sound to all the people and places he discovered on his journey of healing- not just in body but soul and spirit.

 On his way around he became intrigued with the sounds of the earth, birds, crickets, stop lights and much more which are all tucked away in various tracks throughout the album, which is a reflection on the stages of his journey.

The circle complete he returned to his 99 year old grandmother and her eternal wisdom of the ages.

Contemporary, often edgy, in parts deep and tranquil Love Bomb comes from the soul. The excitement of setting out, the places and people he meets along the way come thought in the various styles of interpretation making the album complex, interesting and in many ways spiritual.

The music leads through many aspects of evolution from one spiritual level to another, allowing each listener to discover something unique within each track placed there especially for them to find.

Enjoyable listening and, depending where you are at when playing the album, will depend on what you choose to find in each track.

A great adventure story of transformation all told without a word being spoken – lovely!

PublisherAquillo Records