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Midnight Rhumba

Opening with a marvellously light, pulsing piece in L’Italiana you find your hips swinging and your feet tapping immediately: then the accordion joins in to give that something extra that takes you straight into the streets of any place in Italy you choose to be; a place where you can feel the pulse and rhythm of life all around.

You know instantly you are going to enjoy this latest offering from this spiritual, inspirational and gifted musician as he once again takes us on a musical journey in and amongst some of his favourite places such as the Caribbean, Italy, Hawaii and France.

Siempre is a lovely little side journey into gentle a soft and pleasant place and makes a point that even in the midst of pulsating rhythms it is lovely to be able to simply sit back and enjoy the gentle, subtle tones of guitar.

 Throughout each piece the distinctive Latin style Linsteed is known for is very evident and in whatever format he has chosen to use, soulful, up-tempo, gypsy or latin, his music reaches out to brighten the day, uplift the spirit and refresh the soul.

Listen out for the dulcet tones of Vasyl Popadiouk and his beautify gypsy-style violin additions to several of the pieces, adding that extra element of smoky fires, dancing feet and the mystery that only music of the night can bring.

World –fusion is often used to describe Linstead’s particular style of music and it is never more demonstrated than on this album, where the pieces have not only been written in celebration of a place and a time, but also incorporate the talents of other well-known and versatile musicians such as Jordan Abraham, accordion, Jeff Hlibka, acoustic guitar, Anastasios Bigas, drummer and Max Alejandro Ventura adding percussion.

Tuck a copy of this one onto your Christmas list for either giving or getting and spread the joy about, Linstead style over this festive and holiday season.

Should you live where the snow is deep, this will warm you up as you find you simply can’t help moving with the beat. Alternatively if your days are hot, hot , hot, what a wonderful excuse to sit with a cold drink in hand,  listening to the Latin beat of summer, warm dusky nights and enjoyment.

PublisherJohannes Linsteed