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Moonlight Romance

Each of the track titles from Moonlight Romance from Italian composer Lorenzo Bracaloni make up the most delightful piece of poetry, around which he has crafted a special moment in time; a time when two lovers meet and spend an enchanted night on the shores of a lake.

The lake is washed in romance, a pendulous moon casting gentle light, a soft breeze wafting over the dark waters to create a night of secrets and treasures, with whispered words of love, as delicate as the first rays of light, spoken with a gentle tenderness from ‘mouths golden with flowers’.

Beautiful and gentle as the words of the poem, the music wraps around the emotions, beckoning a return to a time of romance, to a special time with a treasured loved one; to create memories that will last forever in the deep recesses of the heart and mind.

Using a combination of piano, electric piano, organ, synth, acoustic and electric guitars, voice as well as field recordings, Moonlight Romance is Bracaloni stripped bare in his musical creativity, as he is noted for his busy works using a vast array of instruments and technique’s to create a certain illusion.

With this work he has kept it simple, gentle and in doing so, has created a beautiful piece of work which allows the emotions of flow from within the music.  Each of the lines below are the titles for the tracks and as with the music that accompanies the words, they are best left to the dreamers, lovers and romantics of this world to enjoy in a quiet moment, when relaxation and romance, even just a little, is required.

Both sensuous and romantic, Lorenzo Bracaloni aka Fallen has certainly captured the Italian flair for romance with this delightful album.

 “Dreaming of fireflies and unchartered lands

 This gentle breeze on the skin

 Golden flowers in your mouth

 When clouds sing their lullabies

 Under a glass moon of wonder

 Forgotten poetry in our hands

 Unspoken secrets, midnight treasures

 Beyond Blue Horizons; Moonlight Romance” Lorenzo Bracaloni 2022

Publisher Aural Canyon
Distributor Aural Canyon on
Released October 7th (Tape Edition)
Artists Lorenzo Bracaloni aka Fallen