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Wafting gently into the ether the inspirational, gentle and beautiful tones of Mosaic capture the imagination and spirit immediately. In this his sixth album David Wahler has woven the dynamic threads of true spirituality into an elegant eleven song collection full of serene, gentle and inspirational music for meditation and relaxation.

As a child Wahler had a gift of music simply waiting to be released. He learned to play music by ear, then once formal tuition began, had to ‘unlearn’ all the bad habits he had developed playing anything and everything that appealed.

Over the years he moved away from music, only returning in a fuller sense since his retirement some four years ago, from the world of Interior Design, committing himself once again to his first love. This love and passion for his music has manifested in work which is gentle, divine and absolutely perfect.

On the inside of the cover there is a small poem from Randall Lund which captures the very essence of this work, Mosaic:

The composer’s tale, A man of music… a mosaic of coloured notes, each note a song, complete, each song a single note played, in the life of one, man.

As each of the songs evolve the melodies simply continue to resonate, weaving a spell offering a time and space completely separate to the humdrum of everyday life. The ethereal Child of the Universe almost seems to have captured the moment the Angels decide to sing, their voices blending in perfect harmony.

A delicate up-tempo beat is introduced into the peaceful atmosphere with Elysian Dawn. Elysium was believed to be the paradise able to obtained by Greek hero’s immortalised as Gods. The gentle harmony of wordless vocals is offset with the sound of bird song, underpinned with the dainty sound of the harp, to create a piece which could be classed as a journey to paradise.

In Lone Sky Night the twinkling of stars is very apparent in the first few bars, which is followed by the spacey notes of synth and piano intricately woven together to present the vast depth and mystique of the black velvet of the night sky lit with a clear and perfect light from stars, so near and yet so very far distant.

Why draws this exquisite album to a close in a thoughtful and measured piece, with what could be considered as almost subliminal vocals permeating the more formal notes of the synth. As a final composition Why simply underwrites the vast talent of David Wahler.

Mosaic through the gift of music given to David Wahler has lifted the bar once again in the genre of New Age music and could be considered as music straight from the heavens in its gentle, rich, mindful spirituality.

Distributor CD Baby
Released 2018
Running Time 48:.18secs
Artists David Wahler