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NOVA: An Acoustic Journey

Nova: An Acoustic Journey from Juliet Lyons and John Mclean Allen is a magical collection that takes the mind and soul to a completely different time and place, a moment out of the reality that is modern life, a place of charm, magic and beauty.

Much can be said about this collaborative effort by these two musicians, both well known in their specific fields. Coming together to create Nova: An Acoustic Journey, they are simply one heart, one mind, one creative force directed with angelic guidance. Each of the pieces is an exquisite moment in time that once complete, leaves a refreshing peace.

As the various pieces unfold each song will relate very differently to each person and, it is a hope, that you will listen with care and allow the music to bath you with light and love.

Verdana –  delicate, beautiful, wordless vocals hinting at a delicacy of a moment in time that knows no boundaries, that is simply there to be enjoyed, drifting, peaceful and refreshing.

Northern Lights– space, the timeless majesty of the night skies, the awe inspiring show of Northern Lights created as if a magician has been let loose in a color plate of amazing shades, creating with a mere whim pure, momentary beauty captured with drifting synth before the guitar and piano begin to add a timeless structure to the otherworldly sky painting.

Luminous radiance lilting. gentle and graceful with instruments blending seamlessly as if the two are one, harmonizing with purity and effortless grace.

Chaco– deep, somber and reflective this hauntingly exquisite song, once again with delicate flute and piano adding to the guitar, is to be savored. A piece in which to immerse the senses. 

Stones and circles – mystical druids dancing around the sacred stones. The magic of the indigenous skies creating circles of light softly bathing the earth. Deep beliefs, shades of timeless wonder. Guitar with gentle piano harmonies ethereal, mystical events shaping the stone circles of the worlds sacred places,

Emergence – returning from a deep and peaceful journey the slightly, ever so slightly up-tempo, rhythm paints a fresh beginning, a new start. A joyful sound of lightness and happiness pervades this final offering. A perfect ending for a fresh beginning.

Drifting slowly into the ether, the music of Juliet Lyons & John McLean Allan charms and beguiles as it touches the very soul with love and warmth.  As this is a first collaboration for Lyons and Mclean Allen, let us sincerely hope it is not the last. Theirs is music to treasure and return to time after time.

Distributor Juliet Lyons Music
Released September 2021
Artists Juliet Lyons and John McLean Allen