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A formal little introduction is presented in the Prologue Anthem which while traditional and somewhat staid, introduces a world of music that has been designed and created to incorporate some of the many loves in DeCesare’s life: that of piano, yoga and jazz.

Imagine if you will a place where the lights are low, perhaps if it is cold outside, a fire is burning or a soft summer’s night, with gentle winds wafting; music is drifting on the ether, soft and gentle, shifting, changing, infinitely relaxing. Or you are in a piano bar, the mood is deep and relaxing, as can only be created at that certain time of night, well after the day has drawn to a close; a man is at the piano, just out of sight tinkering, enjoying the music he is forming and creating.

This then is the very essence embedded in this delicious album with overtones of classical and jazz piano woven together, mixed with dark and light mediums to produce what can be considered as an almost timeless, romantic musicscape.

As a yoga practitioner, DeCesare allows this element to shift into the pieces as he so very capably illustrates the element of music can be used to foster an appreciation of the quieter, more relaxing elements of life and living, something we are all too apt to forget in today’s manic world.

One of the more telling pieces is Farewell where he drifts softly and gently across the keyboard, reminiscing and then up tempos to letting go, moving on interwoven within the rhythm. After listening to this piece several times the desire to hum along becomes almost overwhelming, so when it does overwhelm you, join in too discover a refreshing pause in your day.

As a debut album, it is one that is has been well designed and created as it allows Nick DeCesare to showcase his undoubted talent as both a composer and artist. To him, making music is creating an art piece or art scape; in this album he has allowed his talent to open doors to see what is there to be discovered, which new directions are there to  be taken, what pathways are there yet to be travelled.

Delightful and enjoyable and one album  that somehow, will find its way on the playlist of your day as you go about life and living, adding a little touch of peacefulness when most required.

DistributorNick DeCesare
ArtistsNick DeCesare