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Pages From The Sea

Stunningly rich in a vibrant style Pages from the Sea from Stefano Panuzzi and a stellar array of musicians, makes an album that for 1 hour and 7 minutes takes you on a musical vogue across prog -rock, jazz and art-pop and in some way, all-be-it a stretch, acoustic folk, which is apparent in the second track Not Waving, But Drowning, on this most entertaining album.

But back to the first track Which Truth that introduces this collection with a very jazzy, vibrant piece that captivates from the first notes; the introduction is pulsing, intriguing, acoustic and then the luxurious sounds of the flugelhorn are introduced creating the robust sound of ‘big band’.  

Synth lures you in to the softer, melancholic The Sea before piano joins with vocals and some interesting percussion, which creates a variegated sound forming almost a lament for that which once was. The sound of cormorants crying their melancholic song as they fly far across the sea brings with it the sorrow of times passed.

You and I is one piece where you simply close your eyes and go with the emotion, the lament of the trumpet, the raspy vocals, the flow of the music as the taste of a first kiss is remembered, the wish hoped that they could just carry on, keep on living the same. Cool jazz, hinting at serious blues, make this an intriguing and introspective song.

An Autumn Day sweeps in with a robust acoustic sound accompanied by strong female vocals against strident, rich guitar, once again creating a completely different medium to relate to, one which, after the previous almost ambient style of song, catches the listener unaware; a stunning song that segues across various elements with immense fluidity.

Drawing a musical voyage in a robust boat to a fine conclusion, is the beautiful The Sea Woman a piece which pays tribute to the mastery, intrigue and eternal beauty of the sea. Soft gentle keyboard makes a delightful farewell to a vastly intriguing and most enjoyable album.

Distributor Bandcamp/Spotify
Released April 2023
Running Time 1hr 7mins
Artists Stefano Panuzzi