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Emerging out of the piano notes comes a gently enticing, sensually haunting note of a trumpet played softly to coerce the listener into coming in that little bit closer, to ease into the moment created by a gentle touch on the keys.

And that is just the beginning of this journey into relaxation, sensual pleasure and gentle healing vibration, all conveyed to the listener through the delicate notes of trumpet played by a master in this very eclectic journey through a musical odyssey of genres, tastes and offerings.

Paul Higgs blends jazz favourites with classical touches and pieces, wooing gentleness from what is usually seen and heard as one of the more strident members of a group or orchestra, in the trumpet, which, when played with a delicate touch, shows its other side, that of being able to reach the inner recesses of the soul with its sound.

This album does what many others in this genre try to do, it reaches out, capturing and touching, encouraging you to move into each piece with a gentle sensitivity.

Unusual in the aspect that it is a blend of what is often referred to as ‘new age’ music, it is coupled with jazz beats, classical influences and this makes it so much more. It is a soundscape encapsulating longing, love, romance, seduction and reflection which is, in so many ways inspirational when you simply let the music wash over you.

Tucked away at the end of ‘Salvation’ you will also hear the haunting notes of the ‘Last Post’ in remembrance of fallen soldiers, presenting a fitting tribute to a piece that is sombre, but uplifting in its melodies.

You will also find a comforting familiarity in the pieces, which is surprising as they have all been written and recorded by Paul Higgs for this album; all inspired by something which touched, influenced or inspired him and will undoubtedly, as time moves on, develop a timelessness that can be enjoyed for many years.

This is definitely a mood album that ebbs and flows with the tracks, touching many styles with rhythms coming together to make a collection that will be enjoyed time and time again.

To sum the entire collection up in one word, you could only say ‘exquisite’.