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Recently released, this eclectic jazz mix album ‘Phantoms’ from sax player Jeremy Trezona, brings a refreshing feel to the jazz genre. Soon to be available in vinyl, it was considered the correct medium for the music as it was recorded live and mixed on an analogue desk which, Trezona believes, has helped to retain the warmth of the sound.

Trezona has played with Saint Motel and Psychic Temple as well as a number of other groups during his time studying for his Master of Music at the University of Southern California. In this, his debut album, he displays a rare and burgeoning talent in that he has managed to create and weave the cutting edge of the jazz genre in Voices Parts 1 & 2, into an otherwise full band sound series, which showcases his talent as a composer and musician.

The traditional jazz metre has been well served in ‘Try Something’ with the deep, richness of a full band exploring the reaches of the sounds without compromising the overall pieces and composition.  Upbeat, yet still retaining the delicacy of each instrument, being allowed to blend in and support the almost demanding melodies of the saxophone reaching and finding the precision of the notes, indicates a total understanding of creativity and feel for the genre.

Voices Parts 1 & 2, played in collaboration with Chris Schlarb on guitar add that definite difference to the  album as both pieces are impromptu, experimental and ethereal, adding yet another dimension  which, unlike so many of the more traditional styles, can be as flexible and vibrant, experimental and traditional as you desire.

Encapsulated within this album there is a little of everything from the traditional to the experimental. As a first album from Trezona and his friends it shows the depth of talent burgeoning within the field of jazz which will herald in a very exciting future for a style of music born of an independent popular music style.

Spanning more than 100 years and consisting of a range of music styles from ragtime to the avant garde of today, it makes the most of improvisation, polyrhythms, syncopation and the swung note, all of which can be discovered in this exciting first release from Jeremy Trezona.

If you want a preview of this fresh new talent take a listen to the sample tracks at

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