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Nouve Flamenco maybe! But whatever you choose to call the style, type and range music played by Luna Blanca the overriding word for it is delicious.

To the purist this may not be the way to describe music but for those who have lived or travelled in Provence, delicious, along with tantalising, is a word which describes the flavours, essences and sounds of this very special area of the world.

Luna Blanca, ergo Richard Hecks and Helmut Graebe, and friends when required, have captured the rhythm and pulse of the region with the light, foot-tapping, relaxing style of Provence. Tracks are aptly named and created to bring to the listener a sense of journeying through the area.  The recordings sense the essential journey, setting the scene with a light, delicate relaxing touch.

Mistral captures the famous or infamous winds, Gipsy gives an indication of the flamenco style for which Luna Blanco are known, with Sunset setting the seal on the end of a delightful journey.

One album to listen to time and time again.

PublisherLuna Blanca