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Rhytm Bred

A light delicate touch has been used by the talented Perth percussion duo, Josh Hogan and Steve Richter to introduce a sense of fantasy and almost surrealism into an everyday kind of world in this, Taal Naan’s debut album.


Each of the tracks leads you into a world of deep, delightful and mysterious things. Several of the tracks create the illusions of the essence of nature and the almost ethereal forms of the deepest and richest of forests, earth and sky. You can also hear the almost quintessential essence of the vibrancy of eastern countries overlaid or underpinned with the clever, quirky use of vocals and percussion in its widest form. Every track is a complete journey and when listened too in a contemplative or meditated state, allows you to slowly unfold the music, sound by sound, layer by layer, to discover the hidden depths contained in each composition.

Beautiful, light, delicate and unexpected, this is one album you should add to your collection.

PublisherTaal Naan