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Running Away

Dream of Summer introduced by Josie Quick on violin begins this delicious new album from Timothy Wenzel, Running Away, a piece which sets the scene to ‘run away’ from the cares of everyday life, if only for a while.

Each of the songs is vastly different, presenting a wide range of influences with Dancing in Darkness reminiscent of medieval times and the unique tones of instruments long forgotten, raising the image in the mind of ladies and gentlemen delicately dancing the hours of darkness away.

Jill Haley on Oboe and French Horne, Jeff Haynes adding a touch of percussion with Jodie Quick on violin come together with the piano/synthesiser to produce a wonderful, refreshing piece in A Bit About You, as if Wenzel is asking, tell me a bit about who you are, tell me more, let’s get ready to run away.

And then comes Running Away, the wonderful title track which is a gleeful piece which absolutely encourages taking time out, running away from everyday life, if only for a little while, pausing to refresh and enjoy the richness that is life.

The following track titles Makes You Wonder, if Travelling Light, to go to a Magical Pageant, with a Friend of Mine, where you can Break Free, dance the Gazelle Dance, making Past Present are simply glorious, with a dash of vocals changing the ambience of Magical Pageant.

Thank you, Timothy Wenzel for that lovely segue, not just in the words but also in the music which offers the freedom to enjoy a fantasy of beginning again, painting a new picture without leaving home, unless that is what you choose to do!

Coronial Rain was inspired by a NASA video where the sun spewed forth plasma, which then returned appearing to be like raindrops bringing life once again to the star. Such is the journey of life when Running Away to return refreshed to continue on your journey.

As always with Wenzel’s music there is an element of the unexpected; on this album it is a Celtic, Medieval influence which has a distinctive, intriguing and most uplifting, happy-go-lucky vibe making this album a real treasure.



Distributor CD Baby
Released January 2019
Running Time 52:23
Artists Timothy Wenzel