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Sanctuary for the Soul

Commencing with a delightful, classically infused duet of cello and piano, the scene is set for what is an enjoyable and inspiring album, compiled from a raft of various melodies ranging from classic to contemporary, then dancing about the edges of lightly jazzy compositions, returning once again to a more contemporary feel.

As the music has been created by a fusion of several of Southern California’s top musicians, in pianist and keyboardist Rob Mullins, cellist Jeness, bassist Larry Antonio and drummer/percussionist Tony Braungel, the term Project was given to the group, who have created a unique sound for the compositions of Janice Lacy.

The music is guaranteed to appeal to a wide range of listeners as each of the pieces tells its own tale of life and living. Sanctuary for the Soul is based in the premise that everyone has a place within that we go to when times are tough and life is buffeting us about. Everything’s Alright is an up tempo offering with the overtones that now the storm has passed, yes, everything will be OK.

Sunrise Dance is a rather catchy little tune that heralds the beginning of a new day, a fresh beginning, a wonderful sunrise to gladden the heart and make the days beginning a happy event.

As special memory of her father, Janice Lacy composed the reflective December Goodbye, a solo piano piece that touches the heart and when followed by Jim’s Waltz, once again a delicate combination of piano and cello, you begin to understand and relate to the depth of feeling woven, with a light touch, into each of the compositions.

An ethereal piece comes into the mix with Full Moon where you can simply be at one with the music as it takes you on a journey wherever you wish to go, tripping delicately over the water, out across the landscape, down a mountain side, refreshing the soul and lightening the heart along the ways.

Tell You That I Love You brings a jazzy feel to the final piece which showcases the talents of the musicians involved, as they weave in and out of the music, each adding their own touch to a piece that reminds us all, that everyone needs, from time to time, to be told someone loves them.

As a predominantly classical pianist and composer, in this her first album Janice Lacy has tapped into  a wonderful, far reaching style of music which, while being contemporary, has also managed to combine emotion with a blend of ‘new age’ and jazz rhythms, to create a wonderful warm vibe which has its own appeal.




Released 2016
Running Time 44.04sec
Artists Janice Lacy Project